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What do the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US Department of Defense, UK Research and Innovation, the Health Research Alliance, and the Fight for Sight charity have in common? 


They all trust and use Digital Science to provide a range of versatile solutions suited to their research management needs. 


Hundreds of government agencies and funders around the world are currently using Digital Science’s data, tools, software, and expertise. That’s because Digital Science and our many portfolios cover all stages of the research lifecycle - from ideas and planning, to funding and support, to experimentation, discovery, and dissemination of research outcomes. 


Digital Science brings together world-leading software and tools, and configurable data, with technical expertise and a deep understanding of how the research ecosystem works to support government and funding organisations around the world in achieving their missions. 


Our company is founded by researchers; we know what it’s like to work in labs, to pursue ideas, to seek funding, and to create and share new knowledge with the world. We also understand how and why government agencies and funding bodies operate, and how critical that is to the communities they serve. 


We make it our business to help researchers, institutions, governments and funders because we believe research is the single most powerful transformational force for the long-term improvement of society. 


Our solutions can assist you with: 



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Our team of experts can assist with any type of custom analysis - from horizon scanning to topic modelling, program evaluation, to portfolio analysis, including automated reporting and enrichments to your existing data, classification and coding. Our support comes in many forms, from one-off analysis to onsite support for your teams. 


Trusted by hundreds of government agencies and research labs, including: 






Hundreds of funders trust our products and services, including: 




Digital Science provides configurable solutions to efficiently manage and curate data about your most important assets – staff, experts, facilities and equipment, and awardees. We make it easy to combine your internal data with global data from us and others, to maintain a complete picture of your institution that can be used internally, and shared and promoted externally. 


Our tools are innovative and interoperable, supporting your research and research management at every stage. 


The Digital Science portfolio includes: 


Dimensions is a modern, innovative, linked-research-knowledge system that re-imagines discovery and access to research. Developed in collaboration with over 100 research organisations around the world, Dimensions brings together grants, publications, citations, alternative metrics, clinical trials, patents and datasets. Dimensions’ platform provides insights to inform future strategy. 



Altmetric is a leading provider of research metrics, helping everyone involved in research gauge the impact of their work. Altmetric serves universities, institutions, government, publishers, corporations, and funding bodies. Its powerful technology searches thousands of online sources, revealing where research is being shared and discussed. 


A world leader in digital infrastructure that supports open research, Figshare enables all types of research data to be shared and showcased in a FAIR way while giving researchers the credit they deserve. Their outputs become more discoverable and impactful, with search engine indexing and usage metrics, including citations and altmetrics 



Symplectic Elements is a highly configurable research management system which ingests data from multiple sources to build a truly comprehensive picture of organisational activities (such as funding and project information) and outputs (including publications and datasets). Institutions, departments and research organisations can reduce administrative burden, derive powerful new insights, and showcase the real-world impact of research.  



Symplectic Grant Tracker delivers effective, impactful grants management for research funding organisations. With 15+ years of streamlining the management and administration of grant-making, Grant Tracker specialises in empowering mission-driven organisations to make strategic funding decisions. Designed from the outset to meet research funding needs, Grant Tracker includes features to assist applicants, reviewers, committees and funders, and help them to work efficiently and effectively.