Gina Velli | Gratisnet Committee

No Library is an island with a collection that stretches to provide everything a client might want. GratisNet to the rescue! Whilst never a replacement for collections, an efficient resource sharing system is a means to acquire those papers from infrequently required journals that are now so discoverable. Expanded access to resources provides your clients with more comprehensive information for their clinical and research needs. With an extensive network of 183 members and an energetic steering committee, GratisNet is able to connect your library with a wide range of resources from libraries and medical institutions across Australia. As budget constraints continue to be a concern for many individuals and organisations, GratisNet's ability to source articles and books at a fraction of the cost of purchasing individual copies or subscriptions makes it a smart and efficient choice. The community at GratisNet is renowned for its friendly and helpful atmosphere, where members actively collaborate and support one another in achieving their common goals. Get in touch for more information on


GratisNet provides a collegial and supportive environment that fosters personal and professional growth. Whether a member is a novice or an experienced professional, they can expect to find a welcoming environment where their contributions are valued. Camaraderie among members is evident in their willingness to share experiences and resources, creating an atmosphere that encourages learning and development. Through this collaborative approach, members are given the opportunity to expand their professional networks, gain new insights, and enhance their skills. Since 1982, GratisNet has continuously strived to update, adapt, and improve to better serve its members. This commitment to ongoing growth and development further strengthens the sense of community and ensures that members have access to the latest advancements and resources in their respective fields. 


To be eligible for GratisNet membership, libraries must be situated in Australasia and be involved in health or adjacent fields. GratisNet allows libraries in the health and science fields across Australasia to access and share resources with ease. By creating a web-based list of serials, GratisNet ensures that members can conveniently locate and utilise the materials they need. Notably, there are no inter-library lending costs associated with journal articles and loans provided between GratisNet members. As members, libraries have the ability to set their own hours of operation for supplying documents and can also dictate the volume of materials they are capable of providing, so the impact of membership on staff workloads is minimal and governable.


GratisNet's platform offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface that is suitable for users with varying levels of technological expertise. Its user-friendly design ensures that individuals with all backgrounds can easily navigate and make use of the platform. One of the standout features of GratisNet's interface is the convenience it offers in uploading and downloading PDFs. Moreover, GratisNet understands the importance of providing support to its new members and offers help and assistance in navigating the platform. Quick start guides are available to ensure users can quickly get up to speed with using the platform effectively. Whether someone is just starting out or experienced in using online platforms, the user-friendly interface of GratisNet makes it a hassle-free experience for everyone. By creating an accessible and intuitive platform, GratisNet promotes inclusivity and ensures that users can effortlessly access the resources they need.


183 Australian hospital and health science libraries have chosen to become members of GratisNet for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the exceptional return on investment that comes with this membership. By joining GratisNet, these libraries gain access to a vast array of unique and rare journals, as well as grey literature that cannot be found on other commercial lending platforms. This expanded access is invaluable to researchers and medical professionals who rely on up-to-date and diverse sources of information for their work. Additionally, GratisNet provides access to international medical journals that are not readily available elsewhere. Furthermore, being part of GratisNet allows these libraries to tap into the extensive holdings of Government Health collections, ensuring access to crucial resources that could otherwise be challenging to obtain. Undoubtedly, the decision to align with GratisNet has proven to be a wise choice for Australian hospital and health science libraries, as it enhances their ability to provide invaluable support to the medical community and contribute to advancements in health science research.




In April 2023, the GratisNet proudly welcomed its newest member, FRNSW Library, to our community. With a dedicated focus on firefighting and firefighter health and safety, the library offers a diverse collection of resources pertaining to various aspects of this critical profession. Alongside materials related to rescue operations, hazmat operations, emergency management, and fire investigation, the library also provides literature on building fire safety and general topics such as leadership and personal development. The scope of the library's collection extends beyond physical health, encompassing resources that shed light on the psychological responses to emergencies and disasters. Additionally, the library collects materials specifically addressing emergency response and communications for the elderly and disabled, emergency medical services, rescue operations, and basic life support as practiced by firefighters and other first responders.


GratisNet is an indispensable tool for libraries, providing a wide range of comprehensive resources to support their work. The platform not only offers access to unique and rare journals, international medical journals, and government health collections, but also fosters a supportive environment for personal and professional growth. By offering expanded access to comprehensive resources, GratisNet remains a smart and efficient choice for libraries.